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Do I receive dividends?

When do I receive dividends?

Dividends are paid monthly on the 15th in line with the cluster of properties your property falls in. The dividend is paid into your bank account. These funds can be withdrawn to your bank account or used to make further investments.

Can I reinvest my dividends?

Absolutely. Re-investing your rental dividends will allow you to take advantage of the power of compounding returns. Re-investing your dividends is a fantastic way to build your portfolio and receive increasing rental dividends in future.
Please note: dividends can only be re-invested during an auction.

What is deducted from the Dividends that I receive? 

Dividends are subject to Dividends Withholding Tax (DWT) of 20%. Your accrued platform fees (0.6% of the investment per annum) plus vat is also deducted.

How are platform fees calculated?

Annual platform fee is charged at 0.6% of total value invested. It is charged daily in arrears. Pro rata charges apply if shares are repurchased from you before the month’s end. Platform fees are deducted from dividend payments.

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