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How are dividends calculated?

Dividends are paid to investors from rental income, after all the expenses of the property have been calculated and deducted. The dividend amount is multiplied by the number of shares you own. 


1. If a 2.3c dividend is declared and you own 100 shares. 2.3c x 100 shares= 230c or R2.30 

2. If a 2.3c dividend is declared and you own 1 500 shares. 2.3c x 1 500 shares = 3 450c or R34.50.

Why are dividends paid in cents? 

Remember that the shares that were bought cost R1 each, so if we were paying dividends in Rands, It would mean that the returns would be over 100% per quarter. Dividends are always declared in cents 

How do I see historical dividends? 

Click here to see previous dividend payments

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