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How much money could I make?

How do you make money from EasyProperties?

There are a few ways for you to earn money from using EasyProperties:

1. You receive regular dividends which come from rental income from the properties you have invested in. Sourcing tenants and managing the properties is handled by the EasyProperties team, there is no effort required on your behalf.

2. Independent, professional valuations of the properties are done every 12 months to give you an idea of the potential capital growth the property is enjoying. Once the property has reached the end of its investment period (usually between 5 and 7 years, decided by the investment committee), the property is sold and the proceeds from the sale are returned to the investors. If the return is higher than what you bought the property at (R1 per share) then you would have made a profit.

3. You can sell your property shares at regular online auctions that take place on the EasyProperties platform. If you sell your shares for higher than what you bought them for, you can make a profit.


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