My Deposit Is Not Reflecting

If you have funded your EasyProperties account and you find that your deposit has not reflected in your account, you could be facing one of two scenarios:

  • We are still in the process of allocating your funds. Funds can take up to two business days to reflect in your account, OR
  • You may have used the incorrect reference, or no reference at all, when you made the deposit from your bank account. Without your correct reference number, your deposit will be delayed.

If it’s been over 2 business days since you made the deposit and you suspect this could be the case, you will need to take the following steps to rectify:

  • Submit a ticket with our support team
  • Fill in your email address, subject line of enquiry and your EasyProperties User ID
  • Under Query Topic select Deposit Query from the dropdown
  • Attach: a PDF proof of payment. This cannot be a photo of your phone with an SMS on it, we can only accept a PDF. This is for your and our protection. We need a proof of payment so that we can check the reference that you used and match it to our records. Once we are able to do this we can allocate your funds.
  • Give your EasyProperties Account number (Eg. EE12345-67890) to where the funds should be allocated to. This must be your correct and full account number. 

Here’s how to find it if you aren’t sure.

  1. Make sure you have the correct account selected (EasyProperties) and that you are on the "Account Overview" page on your account. 
  2. The account number displayed in the middle of the screen under the heading: “My Portfolio” is your Account number. 

You’ll also find this reference number highlighted on the "Deposits" page of the account into which you want to deposit the funds.

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