What does "We need some information from you" message on withdrawals page mean?

Why can’t I withdraw?

We’ve put a temporary hold on your withdrawals until we’ve obtained some information from you.

It’s quick and simple to resolve this by sending that information to our client engagement team – see details below.

During this time, you can still access all other functionality on your account, including the buying and selling of instruments / holdings.

Let’s fix this. What do you need?

In summary, the total deposits you’ve made in the last rolling year (365 days), is more than the information you have submitted for your account suggests you can make.

In order to remedy this, we need to verify your source of funds. To do this, please email one of the documents listed below to sofv@easyequities.co.za:

  • Copy of IRP5 (no older than the previous tax year)
  • Copy of a payslip (no older than 3 months old) 
  • Copy of minimum of two (2) months bank statements (no older than 3 months old) 
  • Any other 'formal' documents that may be able to prove your earnings to us - for example:
    • ITA34 (Income Tax Assessment)
    • ITR12 (Income Tax Return - after submission)
  • IF the recent deposit is a larger than normal sum and of an irregular nature (e.g. a bonus, inheritance, commission, proceeds on sale of assets) you can also e-mail documentary evidence of that particular deposit to us so that we can take that into account.
  • IF the account is that of a Juristic Entity (eg. Pty (Ltd), partnership, cc, etc), please send us:
    • The latest set of Annual Financial Statements, OR
    • Three (3) months bank statements in the name of the entity, showing revenue inflows

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