Who is EasyProperties?

We are passionate about changing the traditional belief that investing in property is hard, by disrupting and removing the barriers of entry into the market.

EasyProperties is an online platform offering investors access to fractionalised shares in new and existing property developments. The platform was created to democratise property investment and to allow investors at all levels to gain exposure to quality property assets that they can understand and cherry-pick that were previously only available to wealthy individuals or individuals with access to large amounts of capital.

We enable individuals to access real estate through an extremely low entry point. Using empowered technology and with the help of our specialised team, we ensure only the best opportunities are listed on the platform.

At EasyProperties, we don't settle for anything less than exceptional. Our investment criteria are as sharp as a well-tailored suit, ensuring only the cream of the crop makes it to your investment portfolio.

So, what exactly do we look for? We've got it down to a science and a bit of magic:?

  • Value for money: We only invest in properties that offer good value for money. This means that the property is priced below market value and has the potential to appreciate in value over time negotiated by our team of experts.
  • Access to amenities: We only invest in properties that are located in desirable areas. This means that the property is in a growing market with high demand for housing.
  • Location, location, location: It's not just a real estate cliché; it's the cornerstone of a successful investment. We handpick properties in prime locations, where the potential for growth and demand is high.
  • Quality matters: We don't compromise on quality. We scrutinise each property to ensure it meets our stringent standards for a solid investment.
  • Capital Growth: We have an eye for properties with strong potential for capital appreciation, allowing you to watch your investment grow over time.

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